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Dedicated to professionally and ethically meet our client’s business, financial, taxation and accounting needs and requirements

Our personalized approach creates a pleasant environment conducive for our clients to learn about their options. We listen and cater our services to your context and needs.
Established in 2006, Comptabilité KC Accounting has assisted many successful business owners. We can help you to structure policies, put in place procedures, set-up and organize your business, in order to run it smoothly and manage growth efficiently.We pride ourselves in our ability to provide accounting and consulting services for various industries. We are approachable as our communication skills are adapted to the reality of our clients and not solely their business. It is not only about the numbers. We can assist you in your quest for growth and protection of your assets by gaining the maximum results from your business, both in income and lifestyle.


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Each client is an individual, not just an account number

Comptabilité KC Accounting offers a wide range of bookkeeping, taxation and corporate services. Our mission is to make your life easier and to leave you free to do what you do the best– running your business. Each client is an individual, not just an account number. We highly value you, your business and take a personal interest in shaping your and maintain it to the best of our abilities. If you seek a personable, understanding, friendly environment, where good solid accounting and taxation advice is given and where we listen to our clientele needs.